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    Size of SWAP/Page file for win7

    John Hartland

      I'm aiming to upgrade the RAM of my Dell Precision M6700, from the original 8GB at 1600MHz (2x4GB) to 16GB at 1866GHz (2x8GB), and I'm curious as to an appropriate SWAP file size post-upgrade?

      Has anyone been in a similar situation, and or has any suggestions for optimisation?



      John Hartland

        • Re: Size of SWAP/Page file for win7
          Andy Sanders

          It's been awhile since I researched this, but I believe it's best in a Win7 64 bit environment just to let Windows handle it.


          So just select "automatically manage paging file for all drives".


          If you're not running 64 bit Windows, you probably wasted your money on that extra memory because there's a limitation.