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How can I get my part todynamically update according to assembly geometry?

Question asked by Anthony Sarrazin on Jan 21, 2016

I have a part that is dependent upon the orientation of parts within an assembly for it's geometry, but it will not update until I open the 3D sketch contained within the part. It seems that part of the geometry updates that is constrained to another parts geometry, but will not update the part's equations.


The part that will not update is the "Long Belt" and the equations are referenced from the angle of the "Idlers" in the assembly.


Equations are in the part "Long curved belt" under "boundary surface 3" labeled "3Dsketch7" you will see them attached at 90° to the vertical lines running down the center line. Could I use global equations to solve this? And if so how?


Ctrl+B and Ctrl+Q don't do the trick and everything is set to resolved.


My intent is to use this in an animation as teaching aid for conveyor belt tracking, so I will need this to dynamically update. If I can get this to work I have 3 more projects like this.

Can anyone help me?!?


Initial condition:

Secondary condition:

How I got it there:

I can get it to update after opening and closing the edit sketch function, so I know the geometry and equations are sound.