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Complex weld details and how to show them

Question asked by Darren Marchant on Jan 20, 2016


This is my complex weld detail...

If have a drum in mild steel.

Over that is a 2205 Stainless steel shell, rolled from 12mm sheet.

The stainless shell is heated 150 degrees C before fitting to the drum, this expands it.

It will then be dogged into place and welded.

The heating and dogging closes the root gap, turning the rolled sheet into a sleeve which then is allowed to cool and shrink onto the drum.


My longitudinal weld detail is a V prep in the lower 4mm of the sheet which will be TIG welded while the sheet is hot.

Over that will be a J prep which will allow the rest of the sheet thickness to be MIG welded, also before the sheet is allowed to cool.


There's a few other details, some drama, and tricks involved to.


But my question is

How to I get SW2014 to show a V prep with a J prep over the top, using the ISO weld symbol manager.


Im guessing I will have to model it in and show it in a detail view.


Thanks for your help