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    How do I tolerance alignment of features on a cylinder?

    Alexander Sandstrom

      I am trying to properly dimension and tolerance two cuts on a cylinder. The cuts are normal to the side view. I want to be able to dimension them so that they stay aligned. I have been trying all sorts of GD&T trying to use datums but nothing seems to work properly to give me what I am looking for. Please feel free to ask me for more information as I don't know where to continue with this.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Alan Bumbaugh



          Maybe I can give you some guidelines for dimensioning.  For some applications what you have shown can be acceptable and functional.


          Some of the questions which need to be addressed are;

          1. How do the relationships with the mating parts effect the fit and function
          2. What tolerances will achieve the results without undue cost or time
          3. How can the dimensions / tolerance be defined to achieve the desired results.

          In this case the GD&T parallel to either the O.D. or I.D., indicated by the Datum A, with an additional Datum B on one of the notched ends would constrain the notches together.

          center core.PNG

          I hope this helps.