Sean Nutley

2008 install display problem

Discussion created by Sean Nutley on Oct 22, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2007 by John Lhuillier
I installed 2008 as a separate installation along with my currentversion 2007. I restarted my computer after installation and duringthe windows startup my primary monitor stops and displays"signal error" (I use a dual monitors). I can only assumethis has something to do with the Solidworks installation becauseit has been working fine for 6 months now and only happeneddirectly after installing SW 2008. I've restarted and still havethe same problem as well as un installing 2008 and still have thesame problem. I've checked display drivers & displaysettings. I've tried switching the plugs of both monitors into thegraphics card and the only config that will display is my secondarymonitor being plugged into the secondary graphics card slot.