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FolderObj.AddFile and IEdmEnumeratorVariable and not working with PDF files

Question asked by Benjamin Abshire on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by Wim Van Der Velden

Has anyone else encountered problems in PDM Professional 2016, SP1, when trying to add PDF files to a vault or update their variables? The code I use worked fine in 2015, SP3. The problem does not appear to be an API error... When I execute the API call for FolderObj.AddFile or IEdmEnumeratorVariable a window appears that says "Please wait while Windows configures SolidWorks PDM" and then a separate windows appears saying "Error 2709. The specified Component name ('{96C9D8BC-A40C-45F4-919C-E73D649B93E3}') not found in Component table" (see attached/below image). Strange thing is the IEdmEnumeratorVariable call does produce the values I expect, so why the error?


The FolderObj.AddFile works partially. The file is copied to the vault folder but not added.

PDM Error.png