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Component Reference Tag Move/Copy/Dissolve?

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Derek Eldridge

In an assembly, you can set the Component Reference for each part.

See 2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - Component Properties Dialog Box


How can I move, copy or dissolve components with "Component Reference" to another assembly while maintaining the "Component Reference" Tag to be used in drawings?


I use these reference tags in PCB restriction drawings to identify the components in the BOM. They correspond with the electrical engineers documentation for layout.

I create the first assembly manually, and give it to the EE for the first restriction drawing for component layout.

When done, he gives me an emn file that I import to Circuit works, and build a new assy.

I place the new assembly into my original assembly, and dissolve the new assembly. Thus, placing the part locations in my original assembly, and update my drawing.


I don't use the newly created assembly because there are multiple display states that I would need to add and I have templates that layout in a specific hierarchy and organization.

In many cases, I also make all the components virtual when I'm done.


PCB/Restriction Drawing Level

Assembled Board Level:

If mechanical features such as heat sinks are added, one more assy level: