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What is the best practice for multi body parts, PDM,BOM and dumb number generation

Question asked by Steven Vandermeulen on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by Jesse Robbers

We are implementing PDM professional now and we have the following problem:


We use a number generator to create an incremental, unique file name for each new part/assembly.

When we design we get weldment parts that have several bodies. Each body needs his own drawing and step file for laser cutting.

Same thing with multi body sheet metal parts.


When we want to save these bodies, we want them to have a unique file name in PDM, so we can threat them as a normal file.

But in the BOM they are not visable.

we can consume the bodies of the original multi body file, but then, how do we get the saved single body parts in the assembly with all the references and mates of the original file?

is it with the "make assembly" feature in save bodies? Or is it a matter of excluding of BOM and hiding the original file and remating the single body files?


I am clueless, so I ask the experienced community: how do you guys do it?

Please explain with screenshots/video's included.


Thanks a lot for your input