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Frequency Simulation fails: "The solver has numerical difficulties"

Question asked by Val Blant on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by Chris Clouser



I am very new to SolidWorks and I am having trouble running a Frequency Simulation on a very simple structure.


I have 3 Structural Member tubes joined together, with a couple of gussets in the corners. Tubes are modelled as Beams, gussets are Solids. I've created Contact Sets to bond the gussets to the beams.


I have simplified the model further by removing one of the gussets.


When I run the simulation, I get this error:

Failed Frequency Simulation.png


If I make a Static Simulation and copy my Contact Sets there, the Static Simulation works as expected - nothing is loose. If I remove the gussets the Frequency Simulation starts working. If I remove Gravity from Loads, the model solves with the gusset in place. If I add any other forces to the simulation I get an error, so it only solves when there are no forces at all. Does this provide any hints as to what might be wrong?


I am not sure why this is happening, or what I can try to fix it.


I am attaching my part.  Any help would be appreciated.