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Custom property values box is automatically checked

Question asked by Mike Philipps on Jan 19, 2016

We have a sheet set of 5 sheets that we use for assemblies. The first sheet is set to pick up the properties in the assembly. The next four sheets are set to pick up the properties in the individual parts. I am not saying that all our assemblies have only 4 parts, but we can add or delete sheets as we need. Since installing SW 2016 SP1, we have been experiencing that upon insertion of the assembly, somehow the box in document properties > drawing sheets > Multi-sheet custom properties source "Use custom property values from this sheet on all sheets" gets checked.


Now the title blocks on all the sheets take the information from the assembly onto the individual sheets. You can not pick up the properties of the individual parts on the subsequent parts until you go in and uncheck the box. At this point it will populate the title blocks of the individual pieces.. If you open the sheet set template - this box is unchecked, only when you bring in the assembly does it get checked.


I have looked through everything in the assembly options and can not find any setting that would do this.


Any Ideas?