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Editing Right Click Menu

Question asked by Ric Bullen on Jan 20, 2016



I want to put the select button/icon at the top of the right click as shown



(much clearer menu box, graphically)


This is how it is, can going through all the customising I cant find any options to add to the right click menu. only to put it in the top box as i have done.

Sketch Right Click Menu.jpeg

So i want it above or to replace the end chain, basically when i right click my cursor is right nest to the select button.


when i try to customise this menu. after srcolling through this stupidly massive menu.


You get this screen,

no more.jpeg


which is just horrible to use, as you have to click everytime you want to scroll further down instead of just holding the button down. is there some hidden zone when the down arrows greys out.


But there is no "Select" button the enable there.