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Spring in bending condition?

Question asked by Bert Bourgeois on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Craig Schiller

Hi all,


I am looking at analysing what we call at my work a 'spring mount'




Imagine the bottom plate is fixed, while some force is applied on that split strip on the tube part.


the spring you see are screws directly on some threaded boss.


This is how I tried to simulate the assembly:


(the fixtures at the end of the pipe are 'sliders', fixture on the bottom plate is 'fixed'))


but even for small force (20N), the assembly wants to solve in large displacement (and fails), or give me massive stresses (+1000Mpa) and displacements. that's for a Static analysis. I tried a non-linear static one, but after 2hrs and no results I gave up.


What did I do wrong? is Simulation on able to analyse a spring in such condition?