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    Adding revision crashes SW

    Seth Renigar

      Has anybody seen this?  All of the sudden, on certain drawings, when I add a revision to the revision table, it crashes SW.  This happens regardless of what method I use to add a revision (i.e. click arrow, or right click>add revision).  If this was a problem on every drawing, I would assume that something in the SW installation has gone wacky, and that a reinstall or repair might correct this problem.


      However, what I can't figure out is that it doesn't do this on every drawing.  But the drawings that it does this on, is consistently repeatable.  And it started happening all at once.


      Plus, there's something even more bizarre.  I can delete the whole Rev table, add a new one, and it will then let me add revisions no problem.  However, if I save it and reopen it, again, it will crash as soon as I add a revision again.  It's like I have to recreate the whole table, every time I want to add a revision, on the drawings that I'm having this trouble with.  Not a good solution.


      The only common factor I've been able to see between the drawings I'm having this issue with thus far, are that they contain models that are imported.  Most of them are drawings of the imported part model itself.  However, one of the drawings I'm having this problem with is of a SW assembly that I created new, which contains these imported part models.  Therefore, I don't think this really has anything to do with the fact that they're imported, since this wasn't an imported assembly.  Plus, I can create a new test drawing of these same part models, and don't have this issue.  It would seem very odd to me that an imported model would have anything to do with this issue anyway.


      Does anyone have any clue what's going on here, or how to fix it?  I don't want to spend the time to recreate all these drawings from scratch, when I don't even know if that will fix the issue.

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          Seth Renigar

          Okay, I guess I should have experimented a little more before posting.  I think I have figured out what is causing the crashes.  However, it still seems to be a bug.  Apparently, if you have hidden rows in your Rev table, it will crash when you go to add another revision.


          I would like to verify this before reporting it though.  Could someone try this, and state what version you are using?  I am using SW2015 SP4.0


          On a drawing with many revisions, highlight the table in the upper left corner.  On the popup menu, select Hide/Show (as shown in the image).  Select 2 or 3 rows to hide them.  Click anywhere on the sheet to exit this command.  Try adding a revision to see if it crashes.

          Rev Table.jpg

          This is what seems to be causing the crash on my machine.  If I unhide the rows first, I can add revisions no problem.  But then I have to re-hide the ones I want hidden.