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Task scheduler 2016 not working

Question asked by Magnus RM on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by Adrian Amota

After I updated to Solidworks 2016 SW task scheduler isnt working.

I want to export files, PDF and DWG from drawing and STEP from part files.


The files either show "Failed to run Solidworks" or "Failed unexpectedly"

I first thought this was a bug affecting drawings that were created with SW2015, but in this case, every file is created by SW 2016.

I am running latest SP.


I have both tried to run this with SW open, but no open documents, and with SW closed.

Im running with a "Borrowed license" so that im not affected by license troubles when im at a customers office. I have used the task scheduler many times before on earlier SW versions, so I know how to do it...


First screenshot was with SW open, but no open documents. Second screenshot was with SW closed.


Thanks for your time.