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    Calling IEdmBatchAdd::CommitAdd() within Convert Script

    Greg Thomson

      Does anyone know how to call IEdmBatchAdd::CommitAdd() via a Convert script (i.e. VBA script).  I can't reference the EPDM component within the script, and so don't have access to the EdmFileInfo structure...  doesn't appear to like any variation of Object or Variant.


      Dim pdmFileInfo() As Object ' EdmFileInfo

      errors = pdmBatchAdd.CommitAdd(0, pdmFileInfo, 0, Nothing)





      EPDM 2014 SP4

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          Charley Saint

          Can you show how pdmBatchAdd is declared. BatchAdd has to be run initiated as a utility, in VB it looks like this (no idea what VAB requires):


          batchAdder = vault2.CreateUtility(EdmUtility.EdmUtil_BatchAdd)

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              Greg Thomson

              Here's how I get my batchAddr...  The key here is in SolidWorks VBA you have a PDM Type Library reference, but in a VBA Convert script you loose all your types... enumerations, interfaces, datatypes, etc.


                  ' Grab the batch add utility

                  Dim pdmBatchAdd As Object 'IEdmBatchAdd2

                  Dim utility As Long

                  utility = 16 ' EdmUtil_BatchAdd

                  Set pdmBatchAdd = pdmVault.CreateUtility(utility)


              This all worked fine, but couldn't get CommitAdd() to work.  So abandoned code and got it working with IEdmFolder::AddFile().  Appears the more complex data types don't easily migrate across the COM interface.  I would imagine if I was a VBA guru, there's some sort of conversion I could do.