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Complex Dynamic Configuration

Question asked by K. St on Jan 19, 2016


I have been making a Dynamic configuration for my colleague’s. The whole idea behind is: To speed up our work process for standard products. These products have standard rules and have the same shape. This system got pretty big and I am realy pushing the limits of solidworks. Therefor solidworks thanks me with a bunch of errors and bugs. I hope some of these problems can be solved with use of this forum.


1.Making a ‘’Map’’ (See: Attachment ‘’Map’’)

Is it possible to create a ‘’map’’ of my ‘’Dynamic configuration’’? There are a lot of Top to down references and I get lost in what refers to which part/assembly/sketch/configuration. And I still have to explain my colleagues what I have done.

I have been making my own in Word. Check the attachment.

a.       Orange: This are parts

b.      Green: Assemblies

c.       Blue arrow: How the parts/assemblies are connected (Top to down reference)

d.      Little box: Information which sketch or feature defines the connection.

  1. a.       Green: The user should not change the settings of the connection
  2. b.      Black: The user is allowed to change the setting of the connection (to make the product bigger or smaller)

Is it possible to make something similar in SolidWorks?


2.Lightweight or Resolved

Some of the parts or assemblies never have to change. They should always be Lightweight. Other parts have connection towards other parts/assemblies. They should always be Resolved. Is it possible to ‘’lock’’ which assemblies/parts can be resolved and which to lightweight


3.Pack and Go (See attachment ‘’Schuim’’)

The attachment of my ‘’map’’ shows that I have 2 parts connected to 1 part. Part ‘’dek’’ is connected to part ‘’schuim’’ and ‘’mal’’. When I use Pack and Go on the main assembly ‘’Brug’’ the parts ‘’schuim’’ and ‘’mal’’ are left behind. When I add ‘’schuim’’ in my main assembly and use pack and go. The feature ‘’Import dek’’ refuges to update to the new dek. It keeps to refer to its old location. Any way possible to ensure an correct update?


4. Cut-Extrude-Thin failure (See attachment ‘’schuim’’ -> Cut-Extrude-Thin_Rij_R_Even)

This is I classify as a bug: I have made a Thin-Cut_Extrude from multiple lines in 1 sketch. It worked all just fine… until I tried to update it. When I accept (I have changed nothing) it gives me the error ‘’The sketch has more than 1 open contour’’. Why is it possible the feature works just fine when you make it the first time, but fails when you open it again?
*Note: I can select ‘’Rebuild anyway’’ And it will rebuild without problems. But the error remains annoying.


5. Circular pattern (see attachment ‘’schuim’’ -> Cut-Extrude-Thin_Rij_R_Even)

The ‘’Cute-Extrude-Thin’’ consist out of 1 Circular pattern. The pattern is pretty stubborn. The automatic setting is to pattern from left to right. I have flipped it to pattern from the Right to Left. But for some reason it refuges to keep patterning from Right to Left. When I update the length in part: ‘’dek’’ it flips to pattern from left to right. When I ‘’edit pattern’’ and flip it back, it is working just fine again. But it result in an unreliable system and in an action that should be automatic.


6.Remove ‘’File not found’’ from pack and go

I have not made every single part in my ‘’Dynamic configuration’’. Some of these parts have been use of multiple years and got ‘’filthy’’. I managed to remove a lot of bad references. But each time when I use pack and go there is 1 single file he cannot find (because I deleted it). This file should never be in my system. I cannot find the connection towards this file. I want this connection to be removed. Any tips or suggestions?

I understand I have made a lot of questions in 1 topic. But they are all connected to 1 huge system I have made.

Thanks for any answers,