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How to link the 1 combo box values to the another combo box values in driveworkssolo?

Question asked by Shivu Gouda on Jan 19, 2016

Hi all, 

I have a doubt on driveworkssolo. Actually i created a programme having 8 combo boxes & all are linked with same excel sheet but different columns (like Title, Length, Wire dia, width etc..). I have to select individually of all 8 combo boxes. And all the values are in same row of the excel sheet. I need programme like when i select the title name the other values should select automatically (which are in the same row). because i have more than 10k title names. if i select title1 in combobox1 & i have to select other comboboxes value. Can we create the rule like when we select 1 value & other values to automatically update in combo boxes? If anyone knows please suggest me.