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Beam analysis gone wrong

Question asked by Willem Van Opstal on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by Christopher Schaefer

I have set up my rectangular pyramid for a truss/beam analysis. In most cases I wish to analyse the pure tension/compression forces in the beams. Also, some of the profiles should be loaded in bending. Thus, I need a combo of beams and trusses, or just nicely setup (hinged) beams. What can I use best?


For now I tried almost everything (I'm not a pro), but keep getting excessive displacements (10^5[mm] or so) without any warning. This only happens when I setup the profiles as hinged beams, or a combo between hinged/rigid beams and trusses. What is the cause of that?


The models are not complicated, and I use weldments to achieve this. It would be very appreciated if someone could take a look at it, and how I can achieve this at best. Thanks in advance. For more clarity, within the SLDPRT just one joint between two beams in the bottom rectangle should be loaded with a moment.