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    Beam analysis gone wrong

    Willem Van Opstal

      I have set up my rectangular pyramid for a truss/beam analysis. In most cases I wish to analyse the pure tension/compression forces in the beams. Also, some of the profiles should be loaded in bending. Thus, I need a combo of beams and trusses, or just nicely setup (hinged) beams. What can I use best?


      For now I tried almost everything (I'm not a pro), but keep getting excessive displacements (10^5[mm] or so) without any warning. This only happens when I setup the profiles as hinged beams, or a combo between hinged/rigid beams and trusses. What is the cause of that?


      The models are not complicated, and I use weldments to achieve this. It would be very appreciated if someone could take a look at it, and how I can achieve this at best. Thanks in advance. For more clarity, within the SLDPRT just one joint between two beams in the bottom rectangle should be loaded with a moment.

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          Christopher Schaefer

          You're system is under-constrained.  Allowing a beam to be hinged only does not replicate a truss. If you mean for some of the profiles to carry moments while others don't, then you need to edit the beam's definition and use the radio button for "truss" for those profiles that don't carry moments. A hinged-only end of a beam is pre-constraining the available DOFs.