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lock down toolbars

Question asked by James Holland on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by Jack Ulstad

I've been using SW since the 90's. In all that time the most prevalent issue I am still having is the custom placement of toolbars I manually open and locate them in the workspace margins but they will not stay put.

If I switch windows, or to another program, then come back to the original SW window where I had the toolbars fixed they way I wanted them, they are back spread across multiple margin rows.


The only solution I have ever got from my support people is to essentially reset the settings by hacking the register and renaming the key for SW. This will write a new key for SW settings. But that isn't all; I can't import my saved settings, that would be too easy. I have to remember all the minute settings I customized over the years, and manually change them back to the way I like.


That runs over the course of a day because I certainly can't remember dozens of tweaks off the cuff.


To SW code writers; Guys, will you please fix this once and for all. This is extremely irritating. I customize my GUI so that what I need to use is where I last put it. It serves no purpose at all if they constantly move all over the place. This is like going into a mechanics toolbox and moving his tools around to different drawers.


J Holland