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Truss structure, one rigid joint

Question asked by Willem Van Opstal on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by Willem Van Opstal

Hi, I'm using weldments to create a rectangular pyramid and wish to conduct a stress/strain analysis. (see figures)

I have a couple of questions and problems..


- Wish to have all joints as "ball hinges" with dof's in all directions. What is my best go? Trusses or Beams? If I treat all profiles as a Truss, are the joints acting like 3d hinges?

- I also wish to have a rigid corner between beam AB and AD. For this one, I thought I have to set the profiles as Beams. Just in order to let me choose what kind of connection there is.

- Also, running a Beam-analysis  with a force of 500N perpendicular to the top-plane gives an "Model is unstable"-error.


How can I achieve this in the best way? I tried to search the internet and forums, but most of the analyses use rigid connections. And that is really not what I need. Thanks in advance!