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    Truss structure, one rigid joint

    Willem Van Opstal

      Hi, I'm using weldments to create a rectangular pyramid and wish to conduct a stress/strain analysis. (see figures)

      I have a couple of questions and problems..


      - Wish to have all joints as "ball hinges" with dof's in all directions. What is my best go? Trusses or Beams? If I treat all profiles as a Truss, are the joints acting like 3d hinges?

      - I also wish to have a rigid corner between beam AB and AD. For this one, I thought I have to set the profiles as Beams. Just in order to let me choose what kind of connection there is.

      - Also, running a Beam-analysis  with a force of 500N perpendicular to the top-plane gives an "Model is unstable"-error.


      How can I achieve this in the best way? I tried to search the internet and forums, but most of the analyses use rigid connections. And that is really not what I need. Thanks in advance!

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          Willem Van Opstal

          To enhance the problem a bit, I created a simple 2d truss (attached)

          All beams are hinged at the ends. The rectangle measures 500x500mm.


          Look at the displacements, what am I doing wrong?! I know I could treat the profiles as Trusses, that's working fine. But why can't I use beams? I would like to use beams, because in different stages would like to make some joints rigid and some not.