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[License] Could not get information from this server.

Question asked by Casey Kikendall on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by Charley Saint

I have 10 student network SW licenses. I have the licenses working on two desktops, but when I fire up the SolidNetWork license manager on the new laptop it comes up with the following error: "Could not get information from this server:" (there is nothing that follows the colon). The information on the server list of both the working and not working computer are the same (I also verified this with regedit). I have made sure that incoming and outgoing firewall rules are allowing ports 25734 and 25735. I have also tried this with both the wifi and hard wire. I am able to ping the server. This 2014 SOLIDWORKS Installation Help - Troubleshooting SolidNetWork Licenses told me to look at a log file called SNL_Manager_install_dir\lmgrd.log, but I have been unable to find this file.


Both computers are running Win10. Does anybody here see anything that I might be missing? Thanks for any help you can give.