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Use a driven dimension in one part to drive a dimension in another part.

Question asked by Ron Stewart on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by Ron Stewart

I have two parts. In the first part, I have a sketch of a right-angle triangle with defined sides, The hypotenuse is a driven dimension. I changed the name of that dimension to hypot@Sketch1. I need the length of that hypotenuse in the second part, and if I change one of the driving sides, I need the change to propagate. Can that be done, and if so, how?


I know how to use an external equations file with global variables where I set the value, but I cannot figure how to propagate driven dimensions. I suspect that the equations file might prove to be a red herring.


(The real problem is that I have two components that will be connected by a straight tube, and I need to align the sockets that will hold the tube ends. But if I can solve the above stated problem, I should be well on my way to solving the real one.)


Ron Stewart

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