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2016 crashing on view placement

Question asked by Matt Mengel on Jan 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by Matt Mengel

My co-worker had this problem and I don't seem to find a solution by searching. I checked and I'm having the same issue. It has something to do with scaling.

File > New > chose template, OK >  Insert > Drawing View > Model > Browse

I pick a model and try to place the view. Depending on the model - I get the "The sheet scale has changed" pop up.  Regardless what options we choose on the popup, it causes a crash.

If I manually change the scale, no crash.

If I deselect the "Automatically scale new drawing views"; no crash.

It was happening on a B sized template. I tried it with our D size and no crash. I used a model of a part that was significantly smaller than a D sized sheet; no crash.  I used a model of a part that was significantly larger than a D sized sheet; no crash.

Logically, it would seem to be our template. We haven't made any changes to our templates since IT installed 2016 this past Monday (1/11/16). SP1.0