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"SW-Part Number" vs "SW-Part Number (BOM)" property

Question asked by Igor Fomenko on Jan 16, 2016

There is famous SW-Part Number property.

I found "SW-Part Number" property in Name list of Property Tab Builder. So you can set SW-Part Number property in file property dialog.

SW-Part Number 1.png

but unfortunately without result, because SW read some other "SW-Part Number (BOM)" property from configuration property tab.

SW-Part Number 2.png

So then you make drawing with BOM you`ll get

SW-Part Number (BOM) in drawing.png

My question is: what is the name of this "SW-Part Number (BOM)" property and why it`s not in Configuration Specific Property tab where it`s possible to set expression to it (based on dimensions of model for example).

SW-Part Number.png