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    How to change Cosmetic Thread  value with API?

    Yong Ning

      Sets the diameter for the dimension corresponding to the entity type with the cosmetic thread.


      Now set  diameter methor change Parameter value.


            Set SwDim = SwModel.Parameter("D2@Cosmetic Thread1")

            Debug.Print SwDim.FullName, SwDim.Value


      Help, How to change diameter of cosmetic thread.?




      Follow code is  traverse feature, obtain dimenion.


      Private Sub ll()

         Dim SwApp As SldWorks.SldWorks, SwModel As ModelDoc2

            Set SwApp = Application.SldWorks

            Set SwModel = SwApp.ActiveDoc

         Dim SwFeat As Feature, SwSubFeat As Feature

            Set SwFeat = SwModel.FirstFeature

            Do While Not SwFeat Is Nothing

                'Debug.Print SwFeat.Name

                Set SwSubFeat = SwFeat.GetFirstSubFeature

                Do While Not SwSubFeat Is Nothing

                   'Debug.Print SwSubFeat.Name

                   retuDispDim SwSubFeat

                   Set SwSubFeat = SwSubFeat.GetNextSubFeature


                Set SwFeat = SwFeat.GetNextFeature


      End Sub


      Function retuDispDim(SwFeat As Feature)

          Dim SwDispDim As DisplayDimension, SwDim As Dimension

             Set SwDispDim = SwFeat.GetFirstDisplayDimension

             Do While Not SwDispDim Is Nothing

                 Set SwDim = SwDispDim.GetDimension

                 With SwDim

                     Debug.Print .FullName, .Value

                 End With

                 Set SwDispDim = SwFeat.GetNextDisplayDimension(SwDispDim)         


      End Function


      Result is


      S@Sketch1@Nut.Part           30

      D@Sketch1@Nut.Part           20

      D2@Cosmetic Thread1@Nut.Part               25

      D1@Sketch3@Nut.Part          18

      D2@Sketch3@Nut.Part          30

      D1@Sketch4@Nut.Part          18

      D2@Sketch4@Nut.Part          30