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how can get evaluated value

Question asked by テ ソ ン キ ム on Jan 16, 2016
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I deleted my question because I thought that i misunderstand too big.


I am get customproperty using GetCustomProperty on ISwDMApplication.




CComPtr<ISwDMClassFactory> swClassFact;

CComPtr<ISwDMApplication> swDocMgr;

CComPtr<ISwDMDocument> swDoc;


CComBSTR vrRetA;

SwDmCustomInfoType type;

CString name = propName;



hr = swDoc->GetCustomProperty(name.AllocSysString(), &type, &vrRetA);


So i can get property value in vrRetA.

But. this value is Value / Text expression's of solidworks file property. I want to get evaluate value.

for ex) i am getting SW-Mass@103.SLDPRT. But i want to get "139.0"


I think i have to use CustomPropertyManager. i found using this by vb. but it is difficult that write c++ to me.


waitting your help.

thank you.