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Coffee Clique at SWW16

Discussion created by William Radigan on Jan 15, 2016
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Following on the success at SWW15 in Phoenix, Deepak Gupta and I will be hosting a "Coffee Clique" during breakfast at SWW16 in Dallas.


You'll find us and others who enjoy delicious beverages, enlightening conversation, and spirited debate at tables marked with a coffeeclique banner (as seen below).  That will be your invitation to sit down with a cup of your favorite beverage and join in the conversation.


If you'd like to expand on the mission of promoting cultural and technical exchanges in a relaxed environment, feel free to download the table banner attached to this post and host your own coffeeclique.  (But choose a table nearby so we can all enjoy the conversation.)


Also, I should point out that bacon is strictly optional.  (No offense intended to the baconbrotherhood of course, but it seemed necessary to point that out.) We are also accepting of those who prefer tea (at least when they can get their hands on 'real' tea) or non-caffeinated beverages. (We might ask you to explain your ability to function that early in the morning without caffeine though.)


For more history and explanation see the follow-up post.


CoffeeClique Table Banner.jpg



SWW15 Cad Jockey - Coffee Clique


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