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    Locked out of EPDM Server.....for the third day.

    Jory Blagden

      Needless to say, since upgrading to SW2016 I have got jack squat done...but here is the latest. I was wondering is anyone cold possibly help me figure it out. I spent 2 hours on the phone with our CAD vendor yesterday and they couldn't figure it out. Our IT guy can't figure it out and I'm certainly a "user," not a network manager.


      Issue: I can remote log onto the EPDM server and ping my desktop. Pass. When I ping the EPDM server from my desktop it times out. I have no connection to the server.



      I can log on to it from another machine in the company. No issues with my username or password.

      I can remote desktop it from here and the server is up and running with no issues.

      Other users are using the PDM server with no issues.

      I have full connection to the other company servers, email, internet, etc with no issues.

      Have rebooted 20 times.

      Have tried to let Windows diagnose and fix the network link and it won't.

      When I try to log on to the PDM Admin Tool it tells me whether I try to log in as myself "Jorywb" or as "admin". I am an admin and have admin privileges....when I can connect.


      "An attempt was made to access a record in the database that is locked by another user. This can sometimes happen during high workload on the database. Usually this is solved if you try the operation again."


      First....I'm the only one here right now. Second, there is no one else shown to be logged in either. Third, there are only 5 users that have a connection to the dedicated PDM server so there is literally no traffic right now period. Fourth, I've been trying to log in for THREE DAYS now so the "try again" message is bull corn.


      Please help. I'm getting very frustrated. This is a brand new, Boxx 4.00Ghz machine, 32G ram, fresh install of win 10, fresh install of SW2016. PDM server is also running 2016. When I left Tuesday night everything worked. When I came in Wed morning, it wouldn't. Windows installed three updates that night. I've backed out the cumulative update but it won't let me uninstall the security and Silverlight updates.


      Ideas? Thanks in advance.



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          Jim Sculley

          What does the Log File under Local Settings in the admin tool say?

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            Cad Admin

            Was the "client" software on the workstation updated to 2016 as well?

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              Marcus Brown

              Your email to me yesterday mentioned you were able to login again, now you can't again, again? 


              The notes in our case say that you are unable to resolve the server name from your computer, the ping fails from your computer to the server.  We must resolve the computer name from the server before PDM will work, this is 100% universal and true and I can guarantee it will NOT work until that is resolved.  PDM is not designed to work without a connectable server.  We rely on Windows Networking and resolving network names.  If you can't resolve the server name, you can't talk to the server.  Try pinging the IP address and switch to that if needed, but this is not a PDM issue.  At all. 


              Use a different machine, modify your host file, or get your network folks to fix that and it should start working again on its own.


              Sounds like it could be isolated to your local vault view but that is only a possibility if you can see the server at all, which you cant.  Right click and delete the vault view then recreate it from scratch.  That will refresh the registry keys and the ini files which are likely fouling up the login. 

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                  Jory Blagden

                  Hey, Marcus. I have successfully logged on to the PDM server and everything functions properly now. IT has been working on the connection issue this morning and I was able to log on finally. There were more issues. Though. I noticed when trying to open files from the vault ,if I double click on the file to open it, nothing would happen. If I double clicked on a file on a local hardrive it would launch SW and open fine. So I started poking around in "default programs." I noticed that SW2016 doesn't show up in "default programs" in windows 10. Is this a known issue? Shouldn't it show up so we can associate file types with it?


                  When in doubt...scrap the whole POS and start over. I fully uninstalled SW2016 and EPDM on my machine. Re-installed both and it works fine now....and 10 times faster.


                  Now, the next issue, besides "why doesn't SW show up in the default programs list for win 10" is this......when we (all of our machines) click on a file in the vault view, there are issues. If you are on the data card view and click a file, it goes to that file. Once you click the preview tab, it crashed. We then checked the "use bit map for preview" box. Now, you can click on files whether they are on data card or preview and it won't crash. But, if you click IN the preview as to zoom or pan, it crashes. When I say "crash," I mean win explorer just flashes and disappears and you are now staring at the desktop.


                  I'm at my limit with this software. Can someone explain either of them or do I need to start a new discussion with a different title?

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                      Marcus Brown

                      Jory, you have the luxury of many options for support and it appears you employed all of them simultaneously for this issue, I encourage you to seek help wherever you are comfortable getting it but perhaps without duplicating the efforts of so many generous folks.  I reviewed the case notes from when our folks contacted you, they crushed the troubleshooting process and could not have spelled it out any more clearly the problem and the solution.  If I were you I would submit a new case for the new issues and listen carefully to the advice and instructions you are given.

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                          Jory Blagden

                          Yes, sir. I absolutely employed every resource that I could muster up. I have been locked out of EPDM since Wednesday at 6am. I have got zero work done this week and have charged 20+ hours of non-direct time to my timesheet which comes out of overhead and essentially my pocket as well. I called my local guys first and was instructed to use the support line. I did that and I waited a few hours then spent an hour and a half (to my best recollection) on the phone with them with no fix. I was instructed that it was a "network issue" and unfortunetly, it wasn't a SW problem and that I was on my own. I then spend another hour with our IT guy with no fix. I then spend several hours this morning with our IT discussing things we've found on the forum and things he knew to try. The last straw was to just delete the entire bowl of wax and start over. Funny thing is, that fixed it all. Funny how a "non-Solidworks" issue was resolved by reinstalling Solidworks. I should have done that in the start and not bothered anyone. I'll wear that hat, it looks good with my mustache. The sad thing is that we thought we had local help with "holler anytime you need us." Well, I hollered and was told that they weren't in charge of scheduling and that I should try the support line. We have numerous machines with numerous issues that we pay numerous amount of dollars a year for. The sad thing is that we actually paid for SW2016. Had I have read this forum before hand we would have NEVER installed it. So basically I have wasted a week, we still have numerous machines with issues, the SW2016 Installation Repair on the disk or our network won't run, it crashes, Rx crashes, etc etc etc.


                          My apologies if I'm sounding rude here. That is not my intent. However, I may have blood pressure issues after this week I never had before. I'm at my limit with some of this stuff. I guess that I take efficiency and not wasting company time and money too personal. Most people would love to waste a week of work and blame it on someone else and play all day. Not me. Lunch time.

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                      Charley Saint

                      If you don't mind could you post you IP settings (run ipconfig from command line), I'd like to see the IPv4 address, subnet mask and default gateway on your PC and the server. It sounds like you are able to send traffic to the server but it's having a hard time getting an answer to you.

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                        Jory Blagden

                        My apologies if the current status of this issue wasn't seen by everyone yet. I had it buried in a sub-reply.


                        "I have successfully logged on to the PDM server and everything functions properly now."


                        Reinstallation of SW2016 and EPM Client fix everything. If something was wrong with the network we never found it, can't see it, and have no idea what it was. After re-install, everything immediately started working again as normal.


                        Thanks all.