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Pack and Go - Select and Replace External References

Question asked by Dacia Monroe on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Rogier Van Rossen

I'm currently working in Solidworks 2014.
The company I work for does not have PDM.

We use a six digit date prefix on all assemblies and parts. When we do a Pack and Go we Select and Replace the six digit date and replace it with the current date.
This is to avoid iteration 1 and 2 having the same file name, and only located in a different location.


We have started to play with inserting existing parts into another part file, for a multibody part file, that is eventually combined into a single body file.
By doing this we are creating an external reference to the original existing part.


When we do a Pack and Go, both part files have the six digit date replaced. But within the multibody part file, the external reference keeps the reference to the original design iteration.


Is there a way to replace this reference at the Pack and Go stage, or do I have to do it manually after the Pack and Go?