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Solidworks 2014 Crashes When Saving

Question asked by Jason Fersa on Jan 14, 2016
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I am using Solidworks 2014 with SP 5.0.  The program is working fine for pretty much all tasks I need to do.  I can create parts and assemblies with no issue.


I have created an assembly and ran motion analysis.  This is all done and saved already on my computer.  When I open the assembly again, if I click SAVE the program freezes with the mouse showing the spinning wheel.  If I click again I get the Windows "not responding" message and I have to either close the program, or wait for it to respond.  I have tried leaving everything alone for a long period of time with just the spinning wheel.  It will not leave that screen and advance.


Something else to note:


I tried  unchecking "Use Software OpenGL", and I was then able to save the model.  But I tried that same thing again a few hours later and I get the same freezing as usual.


Also I tried saving a different assembly unrelated to this model and it worked fine. 


Does anyone have any idea why I can't save this particular assembly?  Does the motion analysis have something to do with this?


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