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Can't save a file if referenced part deleted

Question asked by Anton Petrov on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by Nathan Blazvick

I discovered a curious and pretty serious problem that seems to be occurring to me in SW2016, sp0.  I frequently bring in reference parts (using insert part command) into my parts.  I have been working like that for years and never had any problems.  Now i noticed that if take a part that has one of these referenced parts in it and delete the feature, the file can no longer be saved.  The asterix that appears above the file name does not go away.  Save as doesn't work.  Making a copy of the file doesn't work.  Checking it in or out or moving it to a local HD doesn't work.  Doesn't matter if the references are locked.  Doesn't matter if the pdm is disconnected.  Basically it kills the file.  This happens to a file created in 2016 or a file that was created in previous versions. 


I actually noticed this problem a few months ago (when i just upgraded to 2016) but at the time i had no idea what was causing the no-save problem.  I think as able to rollback to a previous check-in version and went about fine.  Now i know that i probably deleted a referenced model which messed things up. 


At the moment, i can just suppress the referenced file if i don't need it and everything is fine.  But i cannot delete it. 


Thoughts?  Thank you for your help.