Tim Turpin

Clock out of synch with server

Discussion created by Tim Turpin on Oct 18, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2007 by Wayne Tiffany
Getting the following error message - 'clock is out of synch with server...' This just recently started showing up on numerous users machines. We have been using PDMWE since 3/07 (seven months) and this is popping up. Simple fix is adjust computer clock so it is not out of synch by more than 30 sec.

However, one user will reset their clock and then after working within PDMWE (checkin checkout etc of various file types) this message will pop back up again, usually 20-30 minutes later.

Anyone have an explanation for this latter issue, why after resetting does this happen again?

I don't like the fact that the clocks get out of synch to begin with but 'oh well'.

Any suggestions on eliminating this issue altogether?

Thanks, Tim