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adding file property to api

Question asked by Rob Jensen on Oct 18, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2007 by Rob Jensen
I'm very wet behind the ears when it comes to API so I try to download whatever I can and cut and paste it until I get what I want.

What I'm trying to do is use a sample property manager macro and add code so i can fill out file properties in a model. I know the code to add custominfo, but where do I put it so when you type it in the property managre field it gets populated in the file properties?

Here is the sample check box code. What I want to do is when that is checked, it adds a file property to the model.

Any help would be great.

'CONTROL Checkbox --------------------------------------------------------------------
controlType = swControlType_Checkbox
caption = "Sample check box"
alignment = swControlAlign_Indent
options = swControlOptions_Visible + swControlOptions_Enabled
tip = "Check box"
Set swControl = m_Group1.AddControl(Id, controlType, caption, alignment, options, tip)
If Not swControl Is Nothing Then
Set m_Check = swControl
m_Check.Checked = False
End If