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hole wizard 'file location' 2015/2016

Question asked by James Barnes on Jan 14, 2016

Installed 2016  'clean'.. still running 2015 on live content while giving 2016 a test.

I've been on '15 working then shut down and switch to '16 do run a few test parts.


attempting to add a hole with the hole wizard I receive an Error: The database file ..... Is not the expected version(19.00)..

well path to the database it set to the 2015 folder.. resetting this to the 2016 folder lets the wizard work.. at lease until I run 2015 again and do some real work..


when I start '16 again hole wizard path is back to 2015 folder..

don't know how to fix .. or why when I try and do a new install of Solidworks is always seems to load up the last versions Reg' file data..