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    "D" AKA "move controls to pointer" mouse gestures doesn't work

    Allen Wilson

      You can program a mouse gesture to "move controls to pointer" AKA "D" key, but it sadly doesn't do anything

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          Kevin Berni

          Hi Allen,


          Are you trying this with the breadcrumbs or the confirmation corner? 


          If you are trying it with the breadcrumbs, take a look at what is happening when you click the right mouse button to start the mouse gesture, does the breadcrumb disappear?  I'm noticing that "move controls to pointer" works every time with the confirmation corner, but for the breadcrumbs, if right-click over geometry, the breadcrumbs disappear on the mouse-down event (instead of mouse-up when you let go of the mouse to show the shortcut menu).  If I move my pointer over empty space the mouse gesture works fine.


          Can you confirm if you are seeing the same?