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Replace initial items in feature tree with imported body?

Question asked by Scott Schriner on Jan 13, 2016

Is there a way to replace a number of items at the beginning of a feature tree with an imported body that represents the part model geometry up to that point? I want to convert a group of features into a single body, save that body externally as a separate part, and have my current part reference the new body instead of the individual features.

What I'm looking for is sort of like a backwards derived part...


For example, say I am working on a machined cast part. In my current model, I have features that create the cast geometry and then features that machine away some of the cast geometry. What I want to do is replace the features that create the cast geometry with a body of the casting. My new feature tree of my existing part would have the first feature be the body of the casting, and the subsequent features be the machining required.


I am aware of one solution that would get me to what I want:

  1. Suppress the machining features so only the cast geometry shows
  2. Save the casting as a body (Insert > Features > Save Body)
  3. Create a new part
  4. Insert the casting body I saved in Step 2 (Insert > Part)
  5. Remodel the machining features starting with the imported casting body.


However this would require remodeling the machining for my part... I'm looking for a method that would not require significant remodeling.


Thanks for any help,