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SolidWorks on LINUX??  (w/o Windows emulator)

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by Dave Laban

SolidWorks is taking some heat for the stability in 2016.


No doubt, there are issues having to do with Windows itself.


So, has SolidWorks ever discussed a LINUX version?  Not being a programmer myself, would that not create a more stable, reliable user experience??


Years and years ago, a buddy of mine was running SW on a LINUX computer with a windows emulator.  He said it was way faster than just Windows, but how about eliminate the middle man?


How about if somebody from SolidWorks from the coding side of things came on here during their lunch break and give us a little 411 on this topic?  I've always had this question in the back of my mind.


I'm not a LINUX guy, but if it improved performance and stability, I could see a dedicate CAD station with a LINUX/SolidWorks install in my future.