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Fixturing for Uniform Base Excitation Study

Question asked by David Grigg on Jan 13, 2016

I basically have a large block of material, say granite, where I want to add a Uniform base excitation, particularly type: velocity,  to study the response of components on top of the block using the Harmonic Simulation.

I want the large block to be free to move in it's free state (un-constrained), i.e. I don't want to add fixture conditions on the base face, for example, as this would impact the free state dynamics.

However, if I do not have a fixture defined for the base face, in Harmonic Simulation, I cannot add a Uniform Base Excitation.

This is basically a large block supported on a vibration isolation table.

I really do not care to simulate the performance of the isolation table, I just want to add a Uniform Velocity excitation to the free-state (un-constrained) block base face.

Any thoughts on the best way to set this up?


Thank you.