David Anthony

Savings tip on Lenovo laptops (Canada only)

Discussion created by David Anthony on Oct 18, 2007
Here's a tip to save on notebook workstation (Canada only).

With a Visa Business card, you can get a decent discount on Lenovoproducts (go to www.visasavingsforbusiness.ca then click thru tothe Lenovo site to get the discounted pricing).

On T61p workstations, it works out to about a 17% discount off listprice.

The kickers are:

- They offer only limited configurations of T61p's and worse, theydon't even stock most of them, especially the better configuredones. The are only available by pre-order and the lead time is 3~4weeks.

- They only offer with Vista Business installed. (The only way toget XP is to get a XP downgrade serial number from M$ (free), butone can't get this until after one receives the computer. Lenovowill send a free XP disk after one gets the down grade code. So add1 to 2 weeks to the lead time. One can also use an existing installdisk of XP (not including OEM versions) if they already have it. Orbuy a copy of XP. One bright side of downgrading to XP is one's Vista licence will still be valid so one won't need to payfor afor an upgrade in 2009 when service pack 2 comesout.)

In the end, it's probably easier and cheaper to buy it in the U.S.,even with travel time factored in!