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Creating a Motion Envelope for an Assembly

Question asked by Aaron Gradeen on Jan 13, 2016

Hi All,

I have a mechanical assembly placed in a room which has limited space. The assembly moves about the room in a three dimensional manner along a path that resembles the outline of a saddle (it's more or less a pendulum - rectangular mass supported by 4 cables at each corner). To coordinate with other mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades in the room, I would like to create a 3D step file of the assembly which shows the entire motion path of my assembly. I basically want to take an assembly and extrude it along a certain path creating one big solid body. This is basically showing the other trades what space we need them to avoid. I don't believe extruding a 2D drawing along the motion path is applicable in this case because the orientation of my assembly does not twist with the path. Is there something in Solidworks Motion that might do the trick? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance