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    Appearances Help Please - Mapping And Library Assistance

    Sarah Ruscoe




      So basically I work for a company which designs and builds cupboards.  We have particular textures available (i.e. different types of wood or gloss)



      I was wondering if it is possible to be able to drag an appearance (a JPEG image) onto an already drawn cupboard and for the mapping to be automatic.  So on the front of the cupboard the wood grain should be vertical and on the side of the cupboards it is also vertical but with plain coloured filleted edging. 





      Please could you help to find:



      1) How to make a folder of our personal wood grains available from the SolidWorks Screen

      2) How to make the mapping automatic so that when applying a certain wood grain it is always orientated in the correct direction along with the correct coloured edges.



      Any help will be greatly appreciated



      Thank you very much







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          Sarah Ruscoe

          ... Or tell me if you think that this is impossible!


          I am relatively inexperienced with SolidWorks so I am not even sure if the option described above is even available!

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            Glenn Schroeder

            Hello Sarah,


            Welcome to the forum.  Other than basic colors and Material I don't use Appearances much, but I'll try to help.  As far as your company library wood grains, you can add those to the default appearances.  Go to the Appearances tab and choose the Add File Location icon.



            Then browse to the folder where you have the files stored.  That folder will be added at the bottom.  I have added decals on mine.



            I believe that will take care of your question #1.  For question #2, as I said above I rarely use these, but I doubt that you can get them to automatically orient correctly.  Hopefully someone else will respond and correct me.



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              Jeff Bnurgess



              I use a lot of different laminates on parts that I create at work. What I have done is put the laminates as a jpeg in a folder and when I need them I open the folder and left click on it and drag it to the part I need the laminate color on. Then i left click on it and click on the appearance down button then click on the face that you applied the jpeg to(it will have the "x" next to it), after this over on the left you will see default texture with 2 buttons, basic & advance, click on advance and the click on mapping. Down below you will see size/orientation, click on fit width or fit height to get everything sized correctly. You can also rotate the jpeg to get the grain direction going the right way.


              Hope this helps.