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Task scheduler SQL error unhandled

Question asked by B. Mill on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by B. Mill

Hi Experts,


I am working on a school project and we ran into a problem.

We have 10 assembly files that we want to render overnight by using the task scheduler.

Now, the task scheduler does not seem to work as we are are receiving the following error


Error - Unhandled


Steps we performed.
1. we opened our assembly solidworks 2015

2. We opened the task scheduler

3. In solidworks, we press photoview 360

4. on the new appeared render tab we press: schedule render:

5. The error occurs

6. No file is loaded into the task scheduler. (the white page in the task scheduler stays empty/ nothing is scheduled)


What does the SQL error mean?


With best regards and hoping on a quick responce to finish our project.