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Loss of zoom in Digger when using X-ray/Onion skin

Question asked by Rach Pett on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by Rach Pett

Hi everyone!


I´m farely new to composer. When I´ve played around with the digger tool I have discovered there´s something I can´t do. So here it is. I´ll try to explain to the best of my abilities!


I´ve created a digger, dragged the Percentage handle to the desired zoom and then I want to use either the X-Ray or Onion skin to higlight something in my graphics. When choosing either of those tools the zoom disappears. I tried to capture this in the snippets shown below.


If anyone knows if it´s even possible for these functions to cooperate I would be grateful for an answer


Thank you!


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