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Third Party Storage : Persistent ID storage

Question asked by Pankaj Bir on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by Simon Turner

Hi Everyone,

Any ideas on third party storage.



Ideally if some one has the experience with storing Persistent IDs using this api functionality.


I was wanting to save the persistent Ids of faces and edges into the third party storage to simplify the retrieval of  entities.

However I am unable to access the stream object  through the



This works only when a particular notification fires "SaveToStorageNotify"


Also is it necessary to convert the Persistent Id to a string to save it or is there any other simpler way of writing and reading into the storage.

I do not want to use an external file. Can an XML format work.

The sample Code for Third Party Storage :

The sample code does not build with the latest 4.5 Net Framework . The code works with the 2.0 Net Framework.


When using the working code I am unable to hit the breakpoints during the debug session.


Also when compiling with the latest  refrences and .Net framework I get the errors listed below :

Error 2 The command ""%Windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\regasm" /codebase "C:\Users\Pankaj.Bir\Desktop\THIRDPARTY\swThirdPartyStorage\ThirdPartyStorage_dotNet\ThirdPartyStorageExample\bin\ThirdPartyStorageExample.dll"" exited with code 100. ThirdPartyStorageExample


Error 1 Failed to load 'C:\Users\Pankaj.Bir\Desktop\THIRDPARTY\swThirdPartyStorage\ThirdPartyStorage_dotNet\ThirdPartyStorageExample\bin\ThirdPartyStorageExample.dll' because it is not a valid .NET assembly C:\Users\Pankaj.Bir\Desktop\THIRDPARTY\swThirdPartyStorage\ThirdPartyStorage_dotNet\ThirdPartyStorageExample\RegAsm ThirdPartyStorageExample


If anybody has an updated version of this sample code that runs and debugs without any problems that would be a real help. Or any pointers or tips to make it work.

Any help will be much appreciated




Pankaj Bir


I am working on Solidworks 2016  SP 0.0

Windows 10  64 bit