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Question asked by Marshall Wilson on Jan 12, 2016

When I hide a column in my weldment cut-list table on the drawing, it stays hidden (and is recoverable) for awhile. But if I save, close and re-open the file, the hidden columns have been deleted fully. This is a hassle mainly because I have visible columns which have equations that reference the hidden column. So when I re-open the file I have to re-insert the lost column, assign it the property (angle) and then re-assign the equations. PITA.


As an aside - the whole reason I have to have the equation set-up is that I want guys on shop floor to be reading the actual angle of the mitered tube stock, not the angle off 90deg that SW automatically gives.


Not having the time to mess with it I'm just going to have to leave the unusable columns visible and put a hatch pattern over them so they are not used.


(Using SW 2015. I have tried 2016 but I don't have time to deal with all the new interface stuff.)