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Looking for best Rendering PC for SW

Question asked by Matt Yackel on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by Chris Horne

Hello, looking to find out some opinions on the best option for a rendering box.  We have many Boxx Tech pc's that our Mechanical Engineer's use that work great with overclock i7's.  But our Proposal Engineer is thinking that maybe something with more cores would work better for the rendering.  Looking on Boxx's site there are many options for proc, gpu's, ram and so forth.  Question is which processor would you choose and why? Does it need to be a Xeon or would i7 still be just as good.  Next is which gpu, we have tried many over the years, looking for something that will be stable and perform well. As of right now I was thinking of the Nvidia Quadro K4200.  How much ram, is 32gb enough?  Willing to spend upwards of around $6k for the build.