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Force individual Dimensions to space as baselines or stacks?

Question asked by Carl Hirst on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Carl Hirst

Hi All,


Anyone help me work out how to force, separate, not base line, dimensions to space correctly.

I have adjusted the spacing setting in options so that the first dimension sits 15mm from the nearest edge, and every dimension after that at 10mm from the last.

However this only seems to work for base line dimensions.


If I select multiple individual dimensions they all space 15mm from each other in scale, so at 1:2 they are 30mm apart.


Id really like to know

1) how can I get separate dimension to form to company standard ie 15mm then every 10mm

     Is grouping a viable option to do this?

2) How can I stop the dimension spacing scaling to drawing?


Additionally please note for some reason I am unable to create or record macros without crashing the software, this quiet possibly means I wont be able to run macros too


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, I have a lot of drawing to modify which need to be brought up to company standard, at present the only work around I can run, short of drawing the lines on to manually space them, is to select the first (smallest) dimensions from the datum, space them, then modify the spacing parameters and select the rest of the dimension, space them, and then move them to an approximate, or marked position for the next entry