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multiple licenses - single server

Question asked by Mark Athey on Oct 18, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2007 by 1-9235V8
We are trying to run four different license files on a singleserver.

Basically, we have three different departments who each havepurchased their own seats and a another pool of seats that areavailable to anyone -, but would like for my department to manageall the licenses using a single server. Some are Professional andsome are Premium. All are USB dongled network versions.

Ultimately we would like for each department to be able to try toget one of their purchased seats, but if there wasn't a seatavailable, it would pull from the pool.

Is this possible and feasible to accomplish?

My IT person was struggling to get the RESERVE command to work inthe FlexLM file this morning. Is this even the best way to get thisto work?

Any help or advice is appreciated!