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Create coordinate system

Question asked by Alexandre Gragnano on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Alexandre Gragnano

I am developing a C# standalone application to convert an Excel table (component position & orientation) into a SolidWorks assembly.


The data gives:

- Position of component origin with X/Y/Z point

- Orientation of component origin with X/Y/Z vectors


I am using a class to manage sketch entities:

private class InsertPoint
    public SketchPoint Origin;
    public SketchSegment XAxis;
    public SketchSegment YAxis;
    public SketchSegment ZAxis;
    public Feature CoordSystem;


I create many points with:

var insertPoints = new List<InsertPoint>();

insertPoints[i].Origin = skMgr.CreatePoint(...);
insertPoints[i].XAxis = skMgr.CreateLine(...);
insertPoints[i].YAxis = skMgr.CreateLine(...);
insertPoints[i].ZAxis = skMgr.CreateLine(...);


Screenshot of sketch:



But when I try to create the coordinate system:

insertPoints[i].CoordSystem = ftMgr.CreateCoordinateSystem(
    new object[] { insertPoints[i].XAxis },
    new object[] { insertPoints[i].YAxis },
    new object[] { insertPoints[i].ZAxis }


The coordinate systems has a valid position but not a valid orientation.


The documentation is light and VBA example not clear.


Is somebody can see where is my error ?


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