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I have a problem with the results - the hydraulic oil

Question asked by Adrian Żuchowski on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by Adrian Żuchowski

hello I explore grated pressure in the hydraulic distributor.

In the laboratory received results

description chart  left side: pressure [bar], bootom: percent open distributor  and rights  Volume flow rate  [L/min]
showing that 20% of the pressure is:
intlet: 95 [bar]
outlet: 1[bar]
the new configuration of fluid in FlowSimulation:
Density: 900 kg/m^3
Dynamic viscosity 0.046 Pa*s

In the simulation my results with Volume flow rate 16 [L/min] and static pressure outlet 1 [bar] and 20% opening:
intlet 6 [bar]
outlet 1[bar]
Preview 3h.bmp

You have any idea?